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Optimize your risk adjustment process today with our RAF Batch Scoring Tool

Experience the efficiency of accurate RAF score bulk processing, capable of handling large datasets of up to 100K charts in under 3 minutes. With our tool, you can conduct revenue impact analysis effortlessly for prospective and retrospective reviews and review select high-value charts and codes.

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Here’s how our RAF Batch Score can help you:

EMR Platform Distraction
EMR platforms may flag HCC-linked ICDs every time a physician accesses a patient's chart, causing distractions. With our RAF tools, physicians can focus on HCC documentation once or twice a year, optimizing their time management and reducing distractions during every patient encounter.
Disease Interaction Risk Scores
RAF provides additional risk scores for disease interactions occurring within a single encounter. Our RAF Score tools identify ICDs causing interactions, enabling prompt assessment and confirmation within one encounter, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in risk adjustment.
Versatile Use Cases
RRAF scores have diverse applications across healthcare providers and payer space, revenue cycle management, population health management, and Health IT product companies. From optimizing reimbursement processes to improving population health outcomes, RAF scores address a wide range of challenges and decision-making.

Efficiently prioritize charts and identify high-revenue impact charts

By analyzing data from last year's claims and claims submitted this year, our tool can help providers accurately find top-20% charts with high-revenue impacts for prospective reviews. It just not only provides RAF score but more importantly, it provides revenue opportunities. NO PHI REQUIRED!

There are different use case scenarios in provider space that you can use this tool for:

  1. Prospective HCC Coding Review:
  2. Ensure accurate prioritization of high-revenue impact charts by avoiding selection based solely on Fee-For-Service value or random selection methods or by utilizing delta ICDs from current and past years. Process the entire volume of charts to filter out the top 20% of high-revenue impact charts for prospective reviews, enhancing efficiency and precision and saving costs in prospective reviews.

  3. Replace Prospective Coding Review:
  4. Prospective reviews are expensive and cost a lot of money for providers and many small and medium providers avoid them because of lack of predictiveness in ROI. By combining our RAF Score Batch processing with concurrent coding, it can replace prospective reviews while still achieving up to 70% revenue impact.

  5. Retrospective HCC Coding Review:
  6. Avoid revenue loss by identifying high-revenue impact charts and capturing missed reimbursement opportunities. Utilize RAF Batch tool to compare the current year’s cumulative ICDs from concurrent coding, and past year’s ICD-10 codes and select high-value charts for retrospective review.

  7. Concurrent HCC Coding Review:
  8. Enhance Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) efforts by pinpointing high-revenue impact HCC/ICD codes requiring documentation enhancement. Generate documentation improvement reports based on physician's monthly patient volume, driving engagement and compliance by providing only high-revenue impact diagnosis codes for CDI. In addition, our tool can help find over-payment and under-payment scenarios exactly before and after the audit.

There are many more use cases where our RAF Batch scoring tool can be used.

Unlock your revenue potential today with RAF Score Batch and optimize your reimbursement process with confidence. Sign up for the free trial now!