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Our RAF Score REST API can be used by the following entities:

Electronic Medical Records
Utilize the RAF Score REST API to instantly recommend high-value patients/codes during a physician's visit.
Population Health Management Systems
Conduct advanced risk analysis to proactively identify and stratify high-risk patients through precise RAF score calculations.
Risk Capture and Analytics
Periodically generate RAF scores to monitor risk scores for optimized reimbursement.
Revenue Cycle Management Companies
Streamline RAF score calculations by seamlessly integrating with our REST API, automating processes.

Discover RAF Score in real-time through our revolutionary REST API!

Our RAF REST API can be integrated with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Population Health Systems,
Risk Capture, Analytics Systems, and HeathIT software products to generate RAF Scores in real time.

That’s how you can utilize our RAF Score REST API:

  1. Efficient Coding Recommendations:
  2. Easily identify high-value patients/codes for Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) without sending charts for reviews. Experience up to 70% revenue impact effortlessly.

  3. Maximize Revenue Potential:
  4. If your provider organization isn't currently engaged in risk adjustment, we can help assess the potential revenue generation through Risk Adjustment with your 2-3 years of historical data from claims.

  5. Streamlined Risk Adjustment Process using our RAF REST API:
    • Prospective Gap Identification: Select high-value charts for prospective coding and accurately predict revenue opportunities.
    • Prioritize ICD Codes for CDI: Focus on high-value ICD codes post-prospective review completion.
    • Physician Support for CDI: Identify revenue-boosting HCC/ICD codes needing documentation enhancements by analyzing concurrent coded data.
    • Retrospective Gap Identification: Compare concurrent reviewed ICDs with previous years' data to gauge revenue impact and select charts for retrospective review effectively.

How can you begin your Risk Adjustment Journey?

We can do a pilot study to help assess your historical diagnosis data from 1000 charts and recommend that you start your risk adjustment. If you do, we can tell you what would be the financial benefits. On average, HCC/Risk adjustment could give additional revenue of up to 1/3rd of Fee-For-Service revenue. Revenue improvement can be achieved by focusing on targeted patients, and we will help identify the targeted patients.

We're proud to be the pioneers, offering the fastest and most accurate RAF Score integration in real-time. Calculate RAF Scores at less than 10% of the cost charged by other vendors who rely on manual processes. Our revolutionary technology enables us to provide this service at a fraction of the price, without compromising on results.

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